Where to find the best last-minute flight deals

There are air travel passengers that book their tickets with several months in advance, and then there are last-minute buyers who are experts in finding the best possible deals on airline fares.

If you want to be one of the latter, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will look at the easiest ways to book the best last-minute flight deals and where to find them. Here are some tips that will come in handy!


Flexibility comes first

Hunting cheap, last-minute flight tickets implies having patience and immense flexibility in your choices. Whether you are searching for them on an app or a fare aggregator, you need to filter through the many deals that come your way. If you have an issue with Wizz Air, in The Netherlands for example, you can check https://www.airclaim.com/nl/compensatie-wizz-air/

If you are traveling to a multi-airport city, choose “all nearby airports” instead of looking at one airport only. You may get a better deal on your fare even if you land 30 miles away from the most popular landing site in the area.

Also, be flexible with your departure time. Sometimes, the cheapest tickets are available for early morning flights. Nobody likes to board a plane at 5 a.m., but if it comes with a 50% discount you can make an effort to wake up early at least on that day.

Low-cost flights are customer traps

Many people make the mistake of heading straight to the websites of low-cost airlines whenever they want to fly at a lower cost than commercial airlines.

The term “low-cost” fools many into thinking that they are paying a bargain price. In reality, they may be paying just as much as if they were flying with a big-name company. You may want to do a bit of research before booking a “cheap” flight fare just because it is tagged that way.

Wait until the last minute

This method is not suitable for those who suffer from massive anxiety. It is quite stressful to wait until the very last minute to buy a flight fare, but sometimes the wait may pay off considerably well.

There are passengers out there who cancel their flight with just a few hours before departure. The airline does not want to leave with empty seats, so they immediately put up the remaining ones at a knockdown price for last-minute buyers like you.

Subscribe to all loyalty programs

Numerous air travel companies offer loyalty programs to attract more potential customers. You can subscribe for free to some of these programs and book whatever deals they throw your way.

A loyalty program also gives you immense benefits as a regular passenger in the event of delays and cancelations. If you cannot board your flight because of an error made by the company, you can always claim compensation with the help of expert firms in this business.

Buy your tickets on Tuesday

Last, but not least, try buying your last-minute flight deals on Tuesdays. Around this time, most companies know if their upcoming weekend flights are full or not, and they may lower the prices for some of their routes.